Winter Class 2014 Registration

Registration Summer Class Event 2012

Fill in this online participation form, it is the easiest and quickest way to register!
Each participant should register with this booking form.
For all questions about the Summer Classes, please contact Martine Verboven at 0032 59565672.

If you are having problems by online registration, you can always fax the printed document to 0032 59565892.

Date of participation

I register for the Jetair WINTER CLASS 2014 :
Wednesday 2nd of July 2014 in Brussels (French Agents : 400 pax)
Thursday 3rd of July 2014 in Brussels (Dutch Agents : 400 pax)

My kind of participation

I register for the following partnership package during 2 days :
ESSENTIAL partner (2000 euro)
TOP LOCATION partner (3300 euro)
LUXURY STAND partner (5500 euro) : SOLD OUT!
FOOD BAR partner (7700 euro)
GOLDEN partner (9900 euro)
I will send my logo in high resolution to Martine verboven (by-e-mail) in order to have the correct logo during the event

Transport of promotional material

I send my promotional material in strong boxes and I use the "BOX DOCUMENT" (see  My Documents). I use only this specific document and attach it to each box.

Tombola price

I offer 1 free stay for 2 pax, 1 week, standard mealplan according to the Jetair winter contract 2014/2015, on request, valid until end March 2014 and not valid during schoolholidays.

Jetair will prepare the voucher. The free stay will be used during the event or for any other promotional campaigns. We thank you very much for your generosity.

Contribution to this event

I agree with the participation fee. I will pay :
by invoice on following address :
by deduction from following hotel(s) :


For more information please contact Martine Verboven.